Greg and Vicki Syverson in Pachuca, Mexico
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Luisa grew up in a small village in the state of Veracruz. She grew up speaking the Aztec language of nahuatl and did not learn Spanish until she was in her late teens. She got married very young and lived many years with a husband who drank, beat her and cheated on her regularly. Her husband became a Christian about 4 years ago and God really worked in his life. He is a changed man! Luisa wasn't interested in hearing about the LORD at first, but seeing how God can change lives really touched her and she gave her life to the LORD as well. She still struggles with bitterness and anger towards her husband, but God is working in her life and she is beginning to let go of some of that. Once when talking to her about the Mexican culture, she was telling me about her life before she met Jesus. Shed seen ghosts. Shed heard voices in her house when no one was there. She was scared. Fear was a big part of her life. But then she said I not afraid anymore, my God is bigger. AMEN!!!