Greg and Vicki Syverson in Pachuca, Mexico
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Aquilina was born and raised in a small village in the mountains, when she was 12 her father sent her to Mexico City to find work. She worked as a live-in house maid for two years. The woman that she worked for was very harsh to her. Finally after two years she was given permission to go home to visit her family. During that visit home when she was 14 her Dad forced her to marry a 20 year old man that she barely knew. So she was married when she was just barely 14 and became a mother before her 15th birthday. Eventually she had 7 children in all. Her husband went to the U.S. to work, but never sent any money home. When he did return to Mexico, he left her for another woman. She moved to Pachuca and became an angry alcoholic. About five years ago her Mom died and she was thinking about suicide, when a neighbor, a man from our church told her about Jesus and how his life and been changed. She put here faith in Jesus and was baptized. She has now hosted a small group in her house for the past three years and has a great ministry to the ladies in the area.